Director's Message
Dr. Prabhu Charan Mohanty
Dr. Prabhu Charan Mohanty is a remarkable individual, renowned for his contributions as an educationist, social worker, and philanthropist. His impact has been felt across the fields of education, literature, and philanthropy. Born on 17th May to his parents, Late Dambarudhar Mohanty and Late Mrs. Sarala Mohanty, Dr. Mohanty's upbringing in a family committed to serving society laid the foundation for his future endeavors.
His dedication to social welfare is exemplified by the establishment of BAPA, a charitable organization aimed at creating awareness about loving and caring for parents, a cause close to his heart. In the literary realm, Dr. Mohanty's prolific writing includes numerous stories and Jagannath Katha, along with the creative drama "Sima Hina ra Sima," which was broadcasted on All India Radio in 1984.
Recognized for his outstanding contributions, Dr. Mohanty has received several awards and holds a doctorate in Educational Management (EM) from a prestigious university in the USA. Currently, he holds significant positions, serving as Chairman of SS Associate Innovation Lab Private Ltd, a leading educational technology startup, and as Director at Krishnamurty World School and St. Xavier's High School.
Supported by his highly educated wife, Mrs. Snigdha Mohanty, who is the Director at SS Associates Innovation Lab, they share a vision for transforming education through innovative approaches. Their two sons, Samyak Mohanty and Samarth Mohanty, have completed their education from NIT Rourkela, inspired by their father's passion. They actively contribute to the innovative education brand, Dambaruu - Learning Made Fun, with Samyak also taking on the role of Corporate Head of the St. Xavier's Group of Schools.