Class Categorisation
Montessori I to III
Montessori standards introduced into the schools take children from two & half years of their age after pre schooling of CDC till they attain five & half years of age. During this period they cover three classes from Mont. I to III. Play way method is used for teaching children of this category.
Forty percent stress is laid on academic management and sixty percent of the total curriculum is earmarked for different activities to generate learning excitement is in beginners.
Primary Level (Std. I to IV)
During the primary level of education children have to use more of their brain and get an environment to communicate in English . Academic and non-academic activities in this section go at equal proportions.
Middle Level (Std. V to VIII)
Besides reading, writing, pronunciation and vocabulary, in-depth care is taken to make the children learn behaviour, manners etiquette and discipline. Seventy percent stress is laid on academic curriculum, where-as thirty percent emphasis is given to different other activities.
High School Level (Std. IX to X)
With reduction in activities as far as possible, adequate care is taken for building up good academic career without of-course neglecting physical education. Linguistic development with particular reference to English is planned by adopting various devices like orientation in grammar, vocabulary, usages and composition. Hundred percent attention is focussed on Academic Curriculam, so as to ensure the Students the best possible career.
Higher Secondary Level (Std. XI to XII)
Students during this period are made to be equipped with self confidence, so that they can choose a good befitting career for themselves and become credit not only to themselves but also to the school, to their families and to the nation as a whole. Discipline is emphasized from the very beginning and mock parliaments are held at regular intervals to develop the same.